It's not much but we are homesteading and teaching others to do the same. We speak up to those in our circles. We still have President Trump on our door. We contact our representatives. We support several people who do much like you do to get the stories out there.

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Lara Logan,

If the Brunson case succeeds and 388 corruptocrats are removed, there will be an immediate opportunity for political reform. My suggestions for congressional reform that would help our Congress become a properly constructive body IAW the Constitution's intent include:

1. NO log rolling. Bills with unrelated parts that are you-get-this-if-I-get-that must be Constitutionally banned, because this is a device to pass bills that would NOT stand on their own as worthwhile.

2. Bills must be limited in scope and length, and must also pass public scrutiny if their scope exceeds a fixed threshold (such as cost) by enabling public (telephone) veto.

3. NO election funding. There should be publicly-financed debates and runoffs with a "March Madness" structure supported by telephone voting. This removes the influence of oligarchs and corporations.

4. NO promises of Other People's Money. Congress does not have the Constitutional authority to redistribute money (even indirectly with "free" benefits) because it takes property without just compensation from those who pay taxes or suffer inflation from currency-expansion.

5. NO Lying. There should be active and effective committee enforcing an honor code in conjunction with a special and speedy Court. A Republic requires The People have Truth as a basis for voting. The Constitution should add The People's Right To Truth and only kinetic-battlefield or non-kinetic-battlefield intel and planning secrecy should be allowed. Non-defense agencies should be required to disseminate all parts of the truth, and Truth should be known throughout agencies, no compartmentalization.

6. Immediate recall. Congress should at very least be vulnerable to immediate telephonic recall based on a threshold vote of no confidence if they divert from their avowed agenda or lie about facts and a special and speedy Court affirms this.

7. Limited benefits from investments. Such benefits are equivalent to insider trading. There should be no profit motive in voting for legislation. The assets of Congressmen and Senators should be limited such that they only may increase at the same rate as national wealth. (Suggestion: Only two terms in House and one term in Senate with an upper age limit so that one moves out of these positions at the point in life where one is building assets for retirement.)

I wrote a hundred pages on reforms necessary to realize the intent of the Constitution, on Amazon but free at https://drive.google.com/file/d/144XKdBUG9v_gghulPbameGeMaBXUVjuU/view. This book (well, Paine-style pamphlet) makes the case that reform is necessary, or with new elections, new bad actors will take their places. The system needs work. The founding Fathers were all theorists, and we now also need to think in this way to make Government That Protects Rights work.

I strongly suspect we have not had EBS and overt Disclosure up to now because the White Hats suspect that after new elections there is a possibility the Socialists would be returned to power and would roast the White Hats. The indictments of Trump may be a sample of what would be to come if the Socialists ever return to power.

I would say that in a hundred pages one cannot capture all the substance of reform necessary, but the purpose of my book is to provoke a discussion. A strong discussion with support for reform would go a long way toward encouraging the white Hats to ACT. (comments to blowt000366@gmail.com)

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If the Democrats have been rigging the elections like forever, then how did Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., and Donald Trump win? We've heard over and over that the 2020 election was stolen. There were recounts and lawsuits. All the claims of "irregularities" WERE thoroughly investigated. And every one of them was a nothing burger. Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis have plead guilty to charges of election interference in Georgia. There is ample evidence that Trump knew he had lost. His campaign officials, the White House Counsel, and his own Attorney General all testified they told him in no uncertain terms he had lost and there was no fraud. Perpetuating this notion of a stolen election without any evidence to back up that claim isn't just bad journalism, it is tantamount to facist propaganda.

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Oct 21, 2023·edited Oct 21, 2023

The Brunson lost long ago. Raland’s case against the three justices is frivolous. Tell the rest of tge story. https://blog.spacecapn.com/brunson-v-adams-as-predicted/#rest

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